"The Need to be Holy"  
Words to Challenge us Today in our Daily Lives
reprinted March 25, 1947 from Fr Marcial Maciel:

Take courage and dedicate yourselves to the task of growing in holiness out of love for Christ. Don’t be cowardly or ungrateful... Yearn to be holy so as to be more like God,
to be nearer to him, to live more of his life, so that he will possess you and you will possess him in time and in eternity, and so as to be able to offer people what they most need and want without knowing they do.
Every man and woman of the Kingdom must be holy because:

a) Jesus commands us to be perfect:

“Be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.” How forcefully he lays this command on us! He doesn’t leave it up to our preference, but rather reveals his will for us clearly, as absolute Master of our being and our life. Along with the force of the command, he sets the standard by which we must fulfill it, “As your Father.” God is the Holy One par excellence.
All perfection is found in the Father, and we will all be holy to the extent we participate in him. Of course Jesus doesn’t demand us to have literally the same holiness as God, since this contradicts our condition as creatures and as fallen people. He does demand, however, that we draw as near as possible to this model he sets before us.

b) Our vocation obliges us to be holy.

We have been called to renew the world by sowing the charity and love of Jesus Christ, to make people see how cruel and ungrateful they are when they respond with nothing but sin, indifference and contempt. We have been called to make reparation to him for all the injuries and contempt he receives, and for the infidelities and betrayals of those who call themselves Christians. We will accomplish this only if we are truly holy... I also know in trying to live in holiness we are at times enthusiastic and at times discouraged, sometimes faithful and sometimes we betray him. But this is the story of the saints, which can be summed up as a constant battle, full of effort to achieve perfection. There are spells of sunshine and spells of storm and tempest. This shouldn’t get you down. Don’t let it take you from the path of perfection or make you give up in battle, for the Kingdom of heaven belongs only to those who strive until the end.
When you have to lament a falling or a failure, do so quickly, very simply and with great trust. Then use your valuable time to contemplate and love Jesus Christ, forgetting in His Heart all your miseries and imperfections.

Fr. Richard Desroches+

 ST. MATTHEWS UNITED EPISCOPAL CHURCH now meets on Sundays at 11:00 A.M. at 201 South 20th St., Rogers, AR. In addition to his day job, Fr. Jerry Ellington, Rector, has been working hard four to five hours a day to build a pulpit, lectern, altar and altar rail.

They celebrated Holy Communion for the first time in their new location Sunday,June 8th, at 11:00 A.M. If you are looking for a traditional Church home in Northwest Arkansas, join with Fr. Jerry and his parishioners on Sunday morning.  jerrylellington@earthlink.net.

UECNA Represented at the ACC Diocese of New Orleans Synod

 AT THE REQUEST of Bishop Presley Hutchens, Archbishop Reber sent two
 representatives from the UECNA to the Synod of the Diocese of New Orleans of
 the  Anglican Catholic Church. Archdeacon Sam Seamans and Fr. Wes Nolden
 attended the Synod which was held from June 26th to June 27th at St. Gregory’s
 University in Shawnee Oklahoma. St. Gregory’s is a Roman Catholic University
  associated with St. Gregory’s Abbey, of the Benedictine Order.

 Archdeacon Sam and Fr. Wes were warmly received by both clergy and laity.
 Everyone expressed excitement about the communion agreements between the ACC
 and UECNA and were anxious to begin working together for the glory of Christ.
 In a wonderful gesture of unity between the two jurisdictions, Bishop Hutchens
 asked Fr. Wes and Fr. Sam to conduct the Synod Mass on the first day. Fr. Wes
 celebrated and Fr. Sam preached a stirring sermon on church unity.
 Both priests attended the various meetings and workshops and brought back some
 ideas for deacon instruction, Inquirer’s Classes, and other programs which they will
 be discubssing with Archbishop Reber. Fr. Wes noted,
“This was such a splendid
 opportunity for us to come together as clergy and laity from both jurisdictions. We
 were able to share fellowship, build relationships, and become excited about our
 unified efforts to spread the Gospel of Christ. I hope there will be many more
 opportunities of this kind.”

 WEIRD WEATHER, including rain, floods, tornados and high humidity could not
 keep St. Francis Anglican Church, Ava, MO, from celebrating the episcopal visit of
 Archbishop Reber and his wife Judy on May 25th.

 Rain on the previous day left the sidewalk a carpet of rose and peony petals.

 The service for the occasion was held outdoors, with the Archbishop leading in the
 Stations of the Cross down the walkway to the Grotto area, where Holy Communion
 was celebrated at the outdoor altar. The Archbishop delivered his Homily from atop
 our woodland bridge.

 The parish made the best of the break in the weather by holding an after-service
 picnic in the woods, where hot dogs were grilled and buns warmed on the fire and
 other delicious food served. The woodlands sounded with organ music by the
 parish  organist, Kip Smith, who brought his 1850s Army campaign pump organ.

  NEW DEACON BRIAN MOONEY was ordained by Archbishop Reber during
 his visit to St. Thomas Anglican Church in Mtn. Home, AR this past Memorial Day

 Brian is an attorney with Johnson, Sanders & Morgan in Mtn. Home. He graduated
 in the top 10% of his law school class. He also served as a Fellow for Cumberland
 Law School's Center for Biotechnology, Law and Ethics and on the school's Law

 He holds a degree in History and a minor in English from Union University in
 Jackson, TN.



 TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH is one of the fastest-growing parishes in the 
 UECNA. The growth has come largely as the result of its key people, who who have
 been described as both a blessing and inspiration to the whole UECNA. Don't miss
 the feature article/cover story in this quarter's issue of Glad Tidings on

 Fr. David was ordained into the Priesthood of the UECNA on March 29th at a 
 well- attended service officiated by Archbishop Reber. The Glad Tidings profile was
 written by Fr. Wes Nolden, Priest-in-Charge.

 If you live anywhere near Evansville, IN, please visit Trinity Anglican soon. You can
 reach Fr. David at (812) 550-2467 and Fr. Wes at (618) 410-4309.
 ALL SAINTS ANGLICAN in Boaz, AL recently acquired an historic church
 building built in 1918. Formerly located in nearby Guntersville, AL., the church
 which housed Church of the Epiphany Episcopal from 1918 to 1990, was partially
 disassembled and moved by truck to Boaz in November and December, 2007.

 Read the entire story, including a history of the old church and the details of its
 relocation in the Trinity I issue of Glad Tidings. As seen in the photograph, the
 building, encased in protective plastic, sits in the back yard of All Saints Anglican
 Church, awaiting restoration and re-dedication.

 FATHER DAN SPARKS, UECNA National Chaplain and serving officer with the
 U.S. Army at Ft. Carson, CO, ask that parishes with an excess of Bibles, Prayer
 Books and Hymnals consider donating them to the Anglican Bible and Book Society.

 The Society's mission it to support the propagation of the Gospel and the increase of
 Christian learning according to the traditional Anglican faith. It provides Bibles and
 Prayer Books to parishes and missionary works and also establishes educational 
 programs. Fr. Dan is President of the Society.

 "The Society has set a goal of collecting 100 Bibles, Prayer Books, and Hymnals
 from the UECNA from now until Synod in October. Please remember that
 contributions of materials, or simply sending a financial contribution by check, are
 tax deductible under Federal law,"
wrote Fr. Dan in a recent message to Archbishop