The United Episcopal Church of North America

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About the UECNA

Inspiring worship

Same as the first Christians

Unbroken Apostolic Line

The joy of serving Christ

God reveals Himself

Signs of our ever-present Lord

Our doctrines universally held

Join us as we pray together

The United Episcopal Church of North America embraces the divine truth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and the Supreme Head of His Body, the Church. Its members hold fast to nineteen centuries of life in the Spirit proclaimed by the Apostles' teaching and fellowship. We hold firmly to the truths of God's plan for man proclaimed in the authoritative Holy Bible. We also affirm that the 1928 Book of Common Prayer reflects the Bible on worship and teaching. 

The Articles of Religion contained in the Prayer Book stand in defense against man's attempts to alter God's truth.

We are evangelical and catholic in scope and embrace the broad base of ceremonial practice inherent in the Historic Anglican Communion. 

We offer you the chance to worship your Lord Jesus Christ in peace, honor, and dignity.

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