Ninth Triennial Synod
October 28-29-30, 2008
Host Parish: St. Paul's Church
The Venerable John Jenkins, Rector
and Archdeacon of the Diocese of Ohio

The 2008 Triennial Synod was held on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, 28-29-30 October at The Coshocton Village Inn and Suites, 115 North Water St., Coshocton, OH 43182.

The General Convention will focus on issues related to the future of the UECNA, the succession process for the Archbishop's office, relationships with other Anglican bodies, and classes for the clergy in protocol, hierarchy and Church disciplinary procedures, plus many other topics of broad and general interest to parishioners and clergy.

During this Synod, the clergy and delegates of the convention elected three suffragans:
Fr. Wes Nolden, Fr. Peter Robinson, Fr. Sam Seamans. The date for the
consecrations has not been set. Bp. Reber stated that the new bishops will
assist the ACC and APCK, when requested, by providing episcopal ministry to parishes in all three jurisdictions.

Beyond this, the convention approved the usual business such as election of
the National Council, etc. Wednesday evening, Bp. Hutchens of the ACC gave an address at the banquet; his topic was unity between the ACC and UECNA.

Thursday morning, all of those in attendance were at Morning Prayer held at St. Paul's. Bishop Reber encouraged us all-especially clergy-to speak the
truth regardless of the consequences, to call people to repentance for our
sins in the age when the trend is to disavow the existence of sin.


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