I have received a number of questions recently about the UECNA's policies and what provisions of the Articles of St. Louis we find the most important. The following is just a brief summary of the UECNA's position. As a Church of the Continuum there are three major points that are essential, indeed sacred and special.

I. The use of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

II. An all-Male Clergy

III. Ownership-control of the local parish buildings and property by the local Vestry.

To break any of these essential points is to break them all. To pick or choose or disregard any of these points for any reason is to forever separate oneself from both actual or spiritual association of the Article of St. Louis and all that they stand for. There is no reason or justification ever to pick and choose, or to compromise on these points.

Those persons or organizations deliberately dishonoring these points give evidence to their outright dishonesty, self-aggrandizement and/or outright fraud.

The United Episcopal Church of North America remains firmly committed to these three pertinent provisions of the Articles of St. Louis. None of our parishes need ever fear an attempt to impose central control or authority because to do would be to act in bad faith in light of the entire purpose of separating ourselves from the old church.

Deo vindice (God will vindicate)

Stephen C. Reber, Sr.
May 7th, 2008 A.D.
Statesville, NC

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